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Non-Recliner Seat Back Webbing Kit

Triumph Spitfire MkIV, Spitfire 1500, GT6 Mk3





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Part Name

Non-Recliner Seat Back Webbing Kit - 2 seat set 

Part Number 500-006
Fits Spitfire & GT6 Non-Recliner Seats Vinyl:
400-003 Spitfire Seat Cover Set - Non-Recliner Frames

Spitfire & GT6 Non-Recliner Seats Leather:
400-003 Spitfire Seat Cover Set - Non-Recliner Frames

Description The Spitfire & GT6 seat was designed as a proper sports car seat - firm, supportive and comfortable. The seat back straps are vital to restoring that snug feeling of being held in place by the seat.

Over time the rubber webbing will lose its bounce. The straps will become saggy and unyielding. You will sit further into the seat and more bent over. You might notice this most when you're pushing hard on the pedals, only to find your lower back disappearing into the boot!

If you're fitting new covers or foams then it makes sense to renew the straps while your seat is in pieces.

These straps are made from the same spec Pirelli webbing as the originals.

They have wide, sewn loops at each end so that your hooks simply slide onto the webbing. No plates, no staples, no tools... nothing could be simpler!

You will re-use the hooks from your original straps to keep the fitment the same.

They come in a car set so ONE SET DOES BOTH SEATS.

Kit contains:
12 rubber webbing straps
1 set of instructions

Price 35.00
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25/04/2019   09:29


Seat Back Foam Non-Recliner
50.00 Each
Seat Clips
2 Seats for 12.00