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I want you to have the best interior possible... that means more than simply offering high quality trim at realistic prices. 

This page is all about getting the most from my products, celebrating your successes and suggesting other useful websites. 


The Gallery
A chance to show off some of your own work...

Photos up to 9th July 2018

A new armrest and tunnel cover for Rene's American Spitty. I haven't seen many tan interiors.

Photos up to 3rd July 2018

A very trim blue Spitty with new GT6 style door boards from Andy Bannister.

A smartly retrimmed armrest from Gregory Sniegowski

A wonderful before & after pair of photos of leather seat covers in a very bright green Spit from Mark Sturdy

29th Jan 2009
Hi Owen,
The seat covers are excellent and the back rests have gone on really well.
However, I really should have bought new foams from you for the cushions as although apparently in excellent condition they appear to have gone a bit soft and it is impossible to get the leather covers tight on the seat cushions. As you can see from the attached photo they look pretty good but could be better I'm sure with new foams so I want to take them apart again and refit them with new foams for the cushions.

Regards, Bernard May
Hi Bernard

I do like the combination of red piping against the black leather.

Fitting new foams will be a big improvement for your seats. They will have the strength to stretch your new covers, removing the wrinkles. This is especially true for leather which is less stretchy than vinyl.

Nice seat belts by the way.

7th Dec 2008
Hi Owen,
Please find herewith a photo of the seat covers fitted. It went OK, though I did fit the new covers on top of the existing ones.

Christian Mullender

Hi Christian

Fitting new covers over old ones... that's a new one on me but they still look good. The white piping looks good next to your hood cover as well.


28th July 08
Time moves on, I eventually got around to refitting my Spitfire 1500 with your foam and covers. Your instructions were excellent and the result extremely pleasing, (well I think so anyway!). Please find attached a couple of photos of the finished result for your info - I think I've done you proud.

Many thanks, Michael Crumpton
Hi Michael

Nice seats and a really nice car. Your car looks exactly the same as mine... until I pull back the tarpaulin and see the dodgy paintwork, missing carpets, wiring hanging down, mismatched door cappings...

Thanks for the photos and happy touring.

1st May 08
Hi its Chris you sent me a dash top kit - it's
fine for Mk3 Spitfires. You have to remove the windscreen frame to do it as the dash top sits beneath it unlike the mk4 the whole crash pad is just formed foam bonded to a metal strip that secures it to the dash. I bought the Bostik glue and started as per instructions as you can see from the pics it didn't turn out too bad I'm happy with it
Cheers,  Chris Hollingsworth
Hi Chris

I have been dying to know how you got on with your Mk3 Spitfire dash top - I've never seen one out of the car.

The three holes where the windscreen (windshield) fits are clearly visible. I can also see some fixings along the front edge too.

I'm glad it went well and have fun refitting your screen...

27 Apr 08
Hi Owen
Just sat down after fitting the seat foams you sent and what a wonderful kit, brilliant finish, so pleased I've sent some pics. It took me most of the day only because the frame needed some work. Your instructions are spot on and I can also confirm the use of these Foams with cloth covers, but you can't put so much tension on the bottom ties as the cloth will rip ( I put brass ferules about every 25mm and then put the ties through.
I've done all the work (apart from the engine machining) myself over a three year period and now reaping the rewards of driving a real Classic ( nervous disposition, bad back, empty pockets, But Big, Big Smile Every day )  Thanks for your kits.
Best regards Dave 
Hi Dave

Thanks for the photos. I could look at GT6s all day and you wire wheels are spot on.

Green carpet in a car is an absolute first for me! I'm not sure if it would work in most cases but you keep your interior so pristine that the colour just adds to the finish.

20th Apr 08
Hi there.
Thought I'd send a couple of pics of my spitfire and the armrest kit I purchased from you on ebay as you asked for your website.
The kit was fantastic and a pleasure to fit unlike parts from other suppliers who make you wonder if they've ever seen a spitfire before.

Thanks again, James.
Hi James

Smart interior for a very smart car!

I wish my Spitty looked as good but I keep taking it apart!

ps. is that just a GT6 bonnet or have you got the engine to match?

5th Apr 08
Just thought I’d drop you a line to say thanks for making such a great kit! Took me about 2 and a half hours from start to finish and was a thoroughly enjoyable task. 

I found it much easier than expected to fit and even with no prior trimming experience I’m really pleased with the results. Can’t wait to fit it to the car!

Many thanks again. Russell

Hi Russell

People laugh when I say that trimming is fun... it sounds like you've been bitten by the same bug!

Great result with your armrest. You've got the top piping really straight - a sign that you've got the seams sitting just right.

The coarse grain vinyl looks good and should look even better in your car.

13th Apr 08
Hi Owen,
Many thanks for the prompt delivery and excellent communication, most retailers make you wait without telling you what’s going on.

Received kit Friday and fitted it yesterday, I have to say I am impressed it makes the dash look swish again, as previously mentioned on some posts can be a bit fiddly but with a bit of patience you get good results.

Many Thanks, David Daubney

Hi David

Nice job!

The dash is a fiddly job but well worth it when you get a finish as good as yours.

I bet you've got a big smile every time you look at it when you're driving!

18th Mar 08
Hi Owen thanks for the last shipment as always excellent quality and good delivery. Over the past year you have supplied all the trim needed to convert my sad and torn Tan interior to what you see today. This is my first attempt at trimming and I am very pleased with it, you have supplied everything you can see in the photos even the dash top.
Thanks again and I will use you again for my next project (TR6 or Lotus Elan) and tell all my friends.
Tom Watson.
Hi Tom

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to send me your photo's.

It is such a joy to see how you have transformed a few bits of vinyl into something truly beautiful.

The clean piping line and smooth panel on the back of your driver's seat is absolute perfection... I could go on but your pictures are better than my words every time!

3 Mar 08

Good morning Owen.

Here are the before & after shots.

Just a tip to get the back covers on I put a plastic bag sprayed lightly with WD40 over the foam before fitting, it really helped in positioning it.I think the transformation is amazing.

Thanks again. Terry

The first Park Lane Classics leather seats!

I'm glad that you've had such a great result and thanks for all your help in developing the covers. All we want now are some photos of your finished car... Terry works at the Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice. Please click on this link:
1st Mar 08

Hi Owen

Today I finished the seats and placed them back in the car, it took me some time to make them but the results are good. I promised to send you some photos so here they are.

Best regards, Dirk...
Hi Dirk you have a really beautiful interior... the best in the Netherlands perhaps?

Your seat are fantastic! They are professional quality and the new headrests are the perfect finishing touch.

I like your luggage rack - very shiny!

6th Dec 07

Hello Owen

You're right about the difference the new foams make to driving pleasure, so much more like being part of the car, instead of just its pilot.

The attached photos show the car and its newly stuffed seats.  Believe me, the cloth was wrinkled before, but now it's filled out 'in all the right places', as they say. 

I've only recently got the GT6, but I'm looking forward to comfortable use of it in the Spring.

Best regards, Sam.
Great result Sam!

You've kept the original look of your GT6 but restored the comfort... and saved money at the same time.

Fitting old covers to new foams is a great way of refreshing your interior on a budget.

The old covers will have stretched and changed shape over time so it's a little more difficult than new covers.

Have fun driving when the sun is out and reflecting off your beautiful bonnet... mmm!

1st Dec 07

Owen, believe it or not all work on the this project is now complete.

I'd rate the result at about 7.5 out of 10. It's not perfect and there are any number of things I'd liked to have done better but overall I reckon it turned out pretty well.

The seats are the greatest triumph of the job. They were what I was most worried about before I began. But I took my time, read and reread and read again your instructions and every blog and forum entry I could find about doing them. I won't say it was easy but there were no nasty surprises either and the end result really is very good. They look great and are a revelation to sit in after the old ones The door panels look fantastic.

To finish off here's a link to a very short video to prove the car actually does run.  Greg S
Sometimes it is really hard to be objective about your own work. I've spent hours and hours working on my car but when I look at it all I can see are niggling faults and things that need tidying up...

Personally I would put your trimming well up there with the best - 7.5 is way too harsh!

Good advice about the blogs and forums. The amount of info and advice that is available is immense - classic owners are a helpful bunch!

Finally, I thought Tasmania was all wet and miserable? Your photos make it look stunning!

1st Sept 07
Hi Owen,
door cards are superb, actually better than I expected.(and I knew they would be good) The carpet material feels, and looks, lovely.
I am looking forward to getting them on the car.
I have now finished the seats on the Spit, the transformation is incredible, best thing is, the wife is now keener to travel in the Spit as her derrier is no longer bumping on the floor!
Only downside is, the headrest covers don't quite match, any plans.
You hit the nail on the head about your wife's... comfort.

New foams make a seat look good but they absolutely transform the feel of the car. The first time I drove with my new foams was an absolute revelation. The seats gripped me in corners and I could go over bumps in the road without losing teeth!

Thanks for letting me use your photos and yes I do make headrests now.
21st Jun 07

Thanks very much for getting the kit to me fast.It fitted fine with no probs.(Pic enclosed).

Thanks again and good luck.

Brian Bull
Now that is a really cracking piece of trimming!

The coarse grain vinyl looks good and you have got the feet absolutely perfect.

I love your walnut dash. It reminds me of the walnut picnic trays we fitted at Jaguar.
11th Jun 07 (not the date shown in pics!)

Now that my Spitfire is finally finished, I just thought I'd send you over a few photos of my finished car and a not of thanks for the great quality interior which you have supplied!!!  I think the interior has come out really well....
Thanks, Ed.
Hi Ed,
You've done a great job on the interior! I recognise the dash top, radio housing, seat covers, door panels and cappings. You've created a really beautiful car and I love the colour. I particularly like the paint job on the top of the bulkhead... the brake fluid leaked on mine and it's covered in grotty black paint.
27th Feb 07

Hi Owen
I have received and fitted the armrest cover! although fiddly at times the end result was fab! I hope that I can use your services again as I know the transformation would be more than satisfying!

Thanks again, Garry Newton
Your armrest looks really great!

Your 'before' photo shows what a typical Spit / GT6 armrest looks like.

I like the horizontal seat flutes your in your GT6 Mk2... I'm jealous!

14th Feb 07


Thanks very much for the arm rest kit, it was very easy to put together although I'm sure if I was a pro I would've got a better finish. 

The finish I got, I was pleased with so its all good! I've attached some pic's, see what you think. Ignore the table cloth! 

Regards Jon Saxby

Another great looking armrest!

I bet it will look perfect in the car.

The armrest is a good kit to start on - there's very little to go wrong and you can always start again.

Cheers, Owen.

Ph_Cust_JS_Armrest_03.JPG (17917 bytes)Ph_Customer_JS_Armrest_02.JPG (16387 bytes)

30 Sep 06

Hi Owen

Just a quick note to thank you for the very very speedy delivery of my trim kit.

Please find attached pics with the before and after. Very very pleased, I will order some other kits direct from your website

Thanks and regards, Mike.

Absolutely brilliant!

I enjoy making my own trim and sending it off in the post... but when I get to see the finished results then it's a thousand times better. You've really done me proud!

Cheers, Owen.

Ph_Customer_Spitfire_Armrest_01.JPG (8461 bytes)Ph_Customer_Spitfire_Armrest_02.JPG (9839 bytes)Ph_Customer_Spitfire_Armrest_03.JPG (12579 bytes)Ph_Customer_Spitfire_Armrest_04.JPG (9055 bytes)

21 Jun 06

Hi Owen

The baby is finished...

what do you think???


Cool! The contrast piping goes well with the hood. I like the detail of the painted calipers seen through the wheels. I bet it looks even better with the top down.
I made trim kits to match existing door panels. We found an exact match because Andy supplied a good sample... Andy then used the same vinyl for seats from a local trimmer.
Andy_Birtles_03.jpg (10601 bytes)Andy_Birtles_02.jpg (12634 bytes)Andy_Birtles_01.jpg (17711 bytes)Andy_Birtles_04.jpg (22859 bytes)

12 Feb 06

Hi Owen, I have just put the door cards on I bought from you. I've attached a couple of photos. They are a brilliant match with the seats! Thanks so much for all your help, I'm really happy with them. Kind regards, Alison.

This is one of the sexiest Spit interiors I've seen! I made the door panels to match the seats. Hard work to get a colour match but well worth the effort.
No1_Alison_01.jpg (71774 bytes)No1_Alison_02.jpg (91574 bytes)


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Removing the GT6 and Spitfire MkIV / 1500 dash top

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