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Park Lane Classics - A Potted History

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Owen Lloyd
Park Lane Classics
47 Park Lane
Bonehill, Tamworth,
Staffordshire B78 3HZ
United Kingdom


I have been selling trim on ebay from the early days. Have a look at my feedback to see what my customers think of my trim. I still auction items on ebay - it is a great way for you to save money and I keep in touch with what people want You can combine your ebay auction items with items from my standard price list - many people do. That way you can  get exactly what you want at the best possible price!



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Me Park Lane Classics The Future
13 years is a long time to be in automotive trim and I've enjoyed it!

I started on the production line making bits for Jaguar seats and ended up as Product Launch Manager. In between I have worked in Quality Assurance, Customer Support, Design and Testing, Six Sigma Blackbelt and Product Development. Along the way I have worked for and with some of the best companies: Jaguar, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Ford, Toyota etc.

My three key lessons:
1. Quality starts and finishes with the customer
2. High Quality = Low Waste = Low Prices
3. Honesty at all times

In 2003 I decided to turn my hobby of restoring classic cars into a business.

At first I made clapped out classic cars roadworthy  before selling them on. This grew into bare metal resprays and restorations.

I made most of the trim myself because I found the existing suppliers to be too expensive or of poor quality. I tried auctioning a few of my items on ebay and the feedback was really positive.

In 2005 I decided to focus 100% on trim. Trim boards came first followed by my highly popular kits.

Finally, in May 2006, I launched my own website.

Park Lane Classics is growing all the time and I have only scratched the surface of what I want to do.

I make my own trim boards, seat covers and foams. This means that I can produce complete interiors using matching vinyl.

I now make all my boards using CAD and CNC, shortening development times. I am currently working on earlier model Spitfires & GT6s.

I want to add new models to my range. I have a set of TR6 seats... I wonder if I could justify buying a whole car to the taxman?