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Standard Vinyls
Image Code Name Details
ACG Triumph coarse (1290) Grain - Black Vinyl A very good match for a difficult to find vinyl. I love it so much it is the background to my website!
ASF Triumph smooth (Stag) Grain - Black Vinyl A good match to the grain and shine on the original interior panels.
ABW Basketweave - Black Vinyl Often used for flute panels, as shown here, and other inserts. Made from ASF vinyl which then has the pattern pressed into it.
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Only black vinyl? Coloured piping? How about leather?
Not at all! 

I'm happy to make trim in other colours and will work with you to find a colour that you like.

Coloured vinyls are more expensive and are more likely to be discontinued. This makes it a good idea to buy all your coloured vinyl trim in one order. I can then work out a personalised quote for your trim.

Email me outlining what colours and items you are interested in and we can get the ball rolling!

Not a problem!

Adding coloured piping adds a touch of individuality to your trim without breaking the bank. 

Let me know what vinyl and piping combination you are thinking of and I can give you some samples and prices.

Coming soon!

I am working on leather trim right now. I plan to offer a standard black product from early 2008.

BUT we will also be able to create bespoke trim. Park Lane Classics actually make our own trim - we're not just middlemen. 

Let me know what you REALLY want and I will soon be able to give you samples and prices.

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Extra Vinyl From The Roll
3 Sizes from 10.00