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Door Panel Trim Clips

Triumph Spitfire IV, Spitfire 1500, GT6 Mk3





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Part Name

Door Trim Panel Clips

Part Number 500-001-X22 (22 Clips) or 500-001-X44 (44 Clips)
Fits All Spitfires, all GT6s
Photos Ph_SpitfireDoorBoardClips_01.jpg (21611 bytes)
Description Brand new door trim clips. Designed to fit the 1/4" holes in your door frame. Easily widened for oversize holes - rust, damage etc. Squeeze the legs together to make removal easier e.g. re-skinning, welding, painting, handle repairs, lock repairs, window rise & fall repairs...  or am I the only Spitfire owner with 'temperamental' doors?
Price 10.50 - Single Pack (22 clips = 1 door)
14.50 - Twin Pack (44 clips = 2 doors)
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Single Pack - 22 clips   Buy Now
Twin Pack - 44 clips   Buy Now


23/08/15  18:00   

Door Boards -
2 Boards for 75.00
GT6 Mk3 Door Boards
2 Boards for 85.00
Door Boards -
2 Boards for 65.00