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Seat Cover Set - Recliner Non-Headrest Frames

Triumph Spitfire MkIV, Spitfire 1500, GT6 Mk3





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Part Name

Spitfire / GT6 Seat Cover Set - to fit Recliner + Non-Headrest Frames

Part Number 400-002
Fits Spitfire MkIV, Spitfire 1500, GT6 Mk3
Photos Ph_Spit_SeatCoverRecliner_01.jpg (15597 bytes)Ph_Spit_NonHrestSquab01.jpg (6289 bytes)Ph_Spit_SeatCoverRecliner_02.jpg (11449 bytes)Ph_Spit_SeatCoverRecliner_05.jpg (13668 bytes)Ph_Spit_SeatCoverRecliner_06.jpg (17977 bytes)Ph_Spit_SeatCoverRecliner_08.jpg (7175 bytes)Ph_Spit_SeatCoverRecliner_07.jpg (5955 bytes)Ph_Spit_SeatCoverRecliner_09.jpg (5983 bytes)
Description The perfect seat covers for your non-headrest frames. They are the same as my Recliner + Headrest covers (400-001) but without the headrest hole. This means no pointless headrest bezel, no tacky blanking plug and a much more pleasing finished seat.

These covers are beautiful off the seat and simply stunning when fitted. 
I have focused on 2 things:
1. Getting the details right
No headrest bezel, soft plastic piping on black covers, pleated flute pads (not top cheap top sewn imitations)
2. Making fitting easy
I have developed the covers to fit the popular new foams (Rimmers, Moss, Newton, Canley). The squabs (seat backs) have 1/2" thick padding for a smoother finish. Extra long zip ties included - MUCH better than hogrings for DIY trimming. I have handed the cushion covers to match the handed frames and made several other design tweaks make fitting easier without compromising authenticity. Kit contains:
1 x Left hand cushion cover
1 x Left hand squab cover
1 x Right hand cushion cover
1 x Right hand squab cover
100 x Extra long zip ties 

1 x Set of instructions with photo's (4 pages)
Price 170.00
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Black Mercedes Leather



6/11/2018   11:08

Clip Set
Recliner Seats
2 Seats for 12.00
Cushion Foams
late Spit & GT6
50.00 Each
Seat Back Foam Non-Headrest
50.00 Each