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Leather Seat Cover Set 
Recliner Adjustable Headrest Frames

Triumph Spitfire MkIV, Spitfire 1500, GT6 Mk3





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Part Name

Spitfire / GT6 Leather Seat Cover Set - to fit Recliner + Adjustable Headrest Frames

Part Number 400-001
Fits Spitfire MkIV, Spitfire 1500, GT6 Mk3
Description Leather seats are the centre point of a high quality interior. The feel and smell of leather upholstery oozes luxury in a way that vinyl or cloth simply cannot match.

I have taken months to get my leather covers right. Every step has been focused on making the best seats possible for you...

Leather means 100% LEATHER!
ALL of the panels are LEATHER - I use a complete hide to make both seats. Many others use some vinyl because it is easier to sew and saves a few pennies... BUT it's you who loses out. Vinyl and leather feel different from the start and look different very quickly. You end up with an embarrassing mess that is neither one thing nor the other. I will not let that happen to you!

I chose Mercedes grained automotive hides because they're the best. They are designed to be made into high quality car seats... not some cheap rubbish only good enough for key fobs!

When I was developing seats for Jaguar I learned that leather behaves very differently to vinyl. This is why I have changed 1 in 4 panels from my vinyl covers, giving you the perfect fit.

Now it is your turn to create beautiful leather seats that you will be proud of for years to come... enjoy!

Kit contains:
1 x Left hand cushion cover
1 x Left hand squab cover - headrest bezel fitted
1 x Right hand cushion cover
1 x Right hand squab cover - headrest bezel fitted
100 x Extra long zip ties 

1 x Set of instructions with photo's (4 pages)

Price 360.00 - Leather
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Black Mercedes Leather
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Matching Leather Headrests

Complete your seats with a pair of matching leather
headrests pre-fitted to brand new foams

Price 40.00 per pair - Leather
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Black Mercedes Leather
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6/11/2018   11:06

Clip Set
Recliner Seats
2 Seats for 12.00
Cushion Foams
late Spit & GT6
50.00 Each
Back Foam
Recline Head
50.00 Each