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Heritage 5 Piece Trim Board Set

Triumph Spitfire MkIv, Spitfire 1500





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Part Name

Heritage Trim Board Set - Corner & Horizontal

Part Number 200-007
Fits Spitfire MkIV, Spitfire 1500
Photos Spit_door_boards_-_coarse_vinyl_weld_04.JPG (80356 bytes)Spit_door_boards_-_coarse_vinyl_weld_08.JPG (118165 bytes)Photo_Spitfire_MkIV_Door_Board_Grab_01.JPG (7685 bytes)Photo_Spitfire_MkIV_Door_Board_Back_01.jpg (6598 bytes)Photo_Spitfire_MkIV_Door_Board_Winder.JPG (9746 bytes)
Spit_rear_quarter.jpg (61155 bytes)
Spit_IV_Rear_-_Heritage_-_plist_01.jpg (46721 bytes)Spit_IV_Rear_-_Heritage_-_Close.JPG (52938 bytes)
Description All five, top-of-the-range cockpit trim panels but at a big discount. The perfect way to transform your interior quickly. Includes:
2 x Heritage Door Boards (200-001) 
2 x Heritage Rear 1/4 Panels (200-004)
1 x Heritage Rear Panel (200-005)
Price 115.00
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