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Workshop news up to 8th April 2019
Well that was an awkward week. I was held up by my back foams not being completed on time. This meant juggling several half-finished orders in the workshop. Thankfully I've picked them up this morning and have started to ship orders. Thankfully I still managed to meet all of the scheduled completion dates. This coming week I want to get my head down and get some orders out smoothly.
Workshop news up to 1st April 2019
I'm most pleased about sending out several small orders at the end of last week. I managed to get ahead of the production plan enough to post the small kits out. The weather cheered up a bit which was good and as a bonus we're now in British Summer Time - feel the love!

I have also had some more photos of interiors. A few weeks ago I put up a photo of a leather set with green piping... here it is already fitted! I especially like the armrest in matching leather & piping.

There's also an update on a coarse grain vinyl set with royal blue plastic piping. The seat back straps have been replaced with my kit and the covers are looking lovely. Spitfire seats really are great for novice trimmers.


Workshop news up to 25th March 2019
Lots of orders sent out, all on time or early YAY! Lots of emails about contrast piping and coloured interiors. I have started to design a piping page but it is not ready to go live just yet. I have also sorted through my stock of piping vinyls. There were 4 cream vinyls that were almost identical... all for the same customer a few years back. They looked different on the roll but tend to look the same when sewn into piping. Motto - don't stress the small stuff!
Workshop news up to 18th March 2019
Not long since the last update but plenty of work done. I've been working out prices for coloured vinyls and pipings. I plan to spend some time adding them to my website so that you can all benefit rather than having to resort to emails. I've left up the white and carmine piping covers from last week.

Here are some new photos from the Netherlands. A fine set of photos of a fine set of seats!

Workshop news up to 14th March 2019
Good and bad this week. Good - I sent out all of the small orders and lots more orders have come in. Bad - I've spent days in the office replying to emails and planning orders. I'm off to the workshop now to complete the orders that I have scheduled for this week. Hopefully I can avoid having to work all weekend. 

I nearly forgot! Here are another couple of contrast piping seats. The classic white piping and the very smart carmine piping. Judging from the interest, these won't be the last!

Workshop news up to 4th March 2019
How about this for a teaser photo from a customer... I can't wait to see the full set finished! The basketweave option is not on the website yet - email me to order it for an extra 25 in black only. It was used in the GT6 and also in the Stag. I also had a photo of a smart looking smooth grain armrest - a great kit to start on. I've been sending orders out steadily and this coming week I'm going to push out the small orders.
Workshop news up to 25th February 2019
PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you know that you will be away  before your scheduled completion date. I want to ship orders when it is convenient to you... I'm happy to hold onto your completed trim. I put a LOT of hours in this past week. I'm now bang on track to my production schedule. One good looking set was black leather with dark green handmade piping. I had the vinyl for the piping in stock so it only added 35 to the covers. I think that the effect is well worth the extra. I've got a couple of other contrast piping jobs ready for sewing so I need to remember to take photographs for you...

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Covers Recliner Head'
2 Seats for 360.00
Leather Recliner
2 Seats for 360.00
Non-Recliner Seat Back Foam
50.00 Each
Headrest Kit
40.00 per pair