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1 May 08

New Customer's Photos

  The Gallery is now fully up to date... check out a Mk3 Spitfire dash top from Chris, Tom Watson's beautiful interior, Ed's stunning car, top notch trimming from Greg in Tasmania and Dirk in the Netherlands plus loads more... 

Thanks for all the photos, it mean a lot to me. Keep them coming!

13 Apr 08

New Product - LEATHER Recliner Seat Covers

  There is nothing like the feel and smell of real leather... now you can have the luxury of leather in your Triumph courtesy of Park Lane Classics.

Developing these covers began in November and has produced a set of covers that really are beautiful. They are so good that I have given them their own web pages. Click on the links for more details-------->

Leather Recliner Headrest

Leather Recliner Non-Head'

5 Apr 08

New Customer Photo's

  I really love receiving photo's from my customers. Now that the new website is running I can show the rest of the world. It's great when someone shares the results their successful retrim. It gives me a boost and hopefully gives others the confidence to have a go!  Garry's Armrest
28 Mar 08

New Product - Non-Recliner Seat Back Foam / Sponge

  Another new foam from my workshop.

I took a week off to develop these seat back foams and I'm really happy with the results.

You will really notice the strong curves of the side bolsters compared to your old crumbling foams. They fill out the covers beautifully and hug your sides when driving.

They look great, feel great and are great value too!

Non-Recline Foams
25 Mar 08

Website Update - Completely New Look!

  The new look website is finally finished!

Every page has been updated and improved to make it much easier to find exactly what you need.

I'm not a computer techie so if you find a problem then please let me know. Cheers, Owen.

1 Dec 07

New Product - Headrest Retrim Kit

These are simply the best and easiest headrest retrim kits on the market!

Your old headrest foam will fall apart when you take your old cover off - BIG PROBLEM if you only have new covers!

My solution is to supply the covers are already fitted to brand new foams. You only have to slide in your headrest stem for a perfect finish!

Headrest Kit
30 Nov 07 New Products - GT6 Mk3 Door Boards & Seat Covers  
I love the GT6 and have two new products for this great car.

The new door boards have the correct moquette panel along the bottom, vinyl above and welded seam.

GT6 vinyl seats used 'basketweave' vinyl for the flutes. I can now supply ALL my covers with this vinyl to give you the best covers for your GT6. 


GT6 Mk3 Door Panels


24 Jul 07 New Products - Front Seat Back Foams / Sponges  

The squab foams are here! Now you can kiss goodbye to finding rotten foam crumbs under your seat.

I'm keeping things simple with the price - 35.00 each with:



EXTRA VINYL - Finish off your interior with some matching vinyl. CLICK HERE to go to my new page... 

Squab Foams

Extra Vinyl


11 Jun 07 New Products - Cushion Foams / Sponges  

The cushion foams are finally for sale! At just 35.00 each with FREE SHIPPING in the UK they are great value. 

DON'T FORGET that I currently give 10% off direct orders so a pair of cushion foams are just 63.00 delivered to your door!

I'm starting on the seat back foams now and they should be easier. Famous last words... I hope not!

I have also added my first video guide on the 'Gallery, Tips, Links' page. I think it's good and definitely better than still photos... let me know what you think.

Cushion Foams

Video Guide no.1


5 Jun 07 Development Update - Cushion Foams  

Product Update

Seat foams are a BIG step closer! I have completed my first cushion foams / sponges and they look great when trimmed up.

They're made from CNC cut, high density foam so you get really good profiles that will last... unlike some others I've bought over the years!

I've just got to sort out the packaging and shipping costs then I will begin selling them here... I'm talking days rather than weeks!




Photo 4

Photo 5

14 Feb 07 New Products - Seat Clip Packs  


I can now supply new seat clips to go with your new seat covers. Forget about saving your bent and rusty old clips because they simply don't work as well. I've added some spare clips so you're guaranteed a great finish!

If you're new trimming then take a look at the results Jon Saxby has achieved. Interior trim really IS that easy!

Non-Recline Clips

Recline Clips

Armrest success!

16 Jan 07 Shipping Savings & New Site Layout  

Shipping Savings

I have cut my shipping prices yet again! I am now sending more and more parcels by courier (normally UPS) so my rates have got even better e.g. Shipping trim boards to the USA / Canada is now only 40 (previously 76!). I don't make any money out of shipping so the benefit is all yours. Enjoy!

Phew! I've just finished revamping the site to make it easier to find what you want. I hope you like the changes and any feedback is always welcome.

Shipping prices

18 Dec 06 New Products - New Seat Covers  

New Product

My second new seat cover for 2006 is for the Spitfire MkIV non-reclining frame. Lots of people have emailed me asking when this would be ready and now here it is! I will start shipping orders from Jan 4th... sorry for the slight delay but I'm getting a new baby for Christmas! The good news is that the finished seat looks gorgeous and is the easiest seat to trim that I have found. 

Foams - I've had enough of being let down by foam suppliers so I'm developing my own in-house foams... Jan / Feb 2007.

New Seat Covers

20 Sept 06 Photos of Mike's completed armrest  

Gallery Addition

Mike won an armrest kit on Ebay at 8:45pm on Thursday night... by early Saturday morning the kit was posted - delivered - fitted and photos emailed back to me!

Armrest photos

19 Sept 06 New Products - Door Clips  

New Product

I have added door clips to my range. They fit my boards nicely and the price is good. I will be adding seat clips very soon as well.

While I am talking about future products, I will be meeting with my potential seat foam supplier tomorrow. The noises are encouraging and I will add an update to keep everyone informed. Cheers, Owen.

Door Trim Fixing Clips

13 Sept 06 New Product - Spitfire & GT6 Seat Covers  

New Product

My first set of covers has finally reached the Web! Every stage has taken much longer than expected - even adding them to the site has taken 2 days instead of the 15 minutes I had planned! The good news is that I am very happy with the covers and the next set will be developed MUCH quicker.

I have completely revamped the website in honour of the occasion - simplifying the shipping costs (FREE shipping in most cases), adding a discount on larger orders and giving the home page a more lively look.

I hope you like the changes and don't forget to tell your friends about me! Cheers, Owen.  

Seat Covers for Spitfire and GT6 Recliner + Headrest Frames

25 July 06 New Product - Door Capping Kit  

New Product

Due to popular demand I have developed a kit for door cappings to match my door boards. They are quick, easy and look really great when finished.  

Door Cappings

23 July 06 Don't be afraid of removing your dash top...  

New Article

Ever since launching my dash top retrim kit I have had regular emails asking "What is involved in removing my dash top?"... the perfect excuse for a new article!

Article 02

6 July 06 European links, in English, en Francais, in Italiano!  

New Link Added

I'm always pleased to find a multi-lingual site. This is perfect for overseas owners of British makes AND British owners of overseas makes... any Alfa Romeo or 2CV owners?

Gallery, Links Tips

5 July 06 Full online ordering  

Online Shopping!

Ordering and paying have just got a whole lot easier! I've added an online 'Shopping Basket' and secure online credit card payment. Everything is available at the click of a button. 

Online Shopping

4 July 06 Lots for sale for lots of cars in lots of countries  

New Link Added

I've just added It's a great free classifieds site that covers lots makes and loads of countries - USA, UK, Canada... Pakistan... Sri Lanka! 

Gallery, Tips, Links

3 July 06 Website redesigned  

Online Shopping Coming Soon!

The website has been completely redesigned ready for online shopping. The first set of production seat covers are being produced and will be sent out for customer evaluation this week... not long to wait!   

Online Shopping

18 June 06 'The baby is finished... what do you think???'  

New Photo's in Gallery

Andy Birtles... come on down! If your classic is currently in bits and boxes then take a look at Andy's 'new' Spit and take heart. 

Links & Gallery

18 June 06 Buy a new classic or learn about your own  

New Links Added

Three new links. Car and has a big selection of cars plus many unusual makes... fire engine anyone?
Two excellent sites from Paul Tegler. The Teglerizer is the best source of Triumph & MG 'How to...' articles I have found. The GT6 International Register is great for finding other owners near to you - nothing beats local knowledge!

Links & Gallery

17 June 06 Hello Detroit... nice wheels!  

New Link Added

A little bit of Brit in the home of the American automobile! Have a look at the members web pages... Bob Owsinski's Spit oooooh! and Ken Danek's white walls on a Spit !?!

Links & Gallery

16 June 06 Articles & Advice page added - contributions welcome!  

New Section Added

The perfect place to share your knowledge and experiences. I will be adding articles about trim and the motor industry. Why not add your own? Big or small and it can be about any topic that might interest classic car owners.

Articles & Advice

15 June 06 L'Italia ha il tempo bello e un grande gruppo di appassionati di Triumph!

New link added

Eventi, fornitori, informazioni, sconti... Il Registro Italiano Triumph Spitfire ha tutte queste cose!

Links & Gallery

13 June 06 New Payment Facilities & GT6 Armrest   

New Service & Extra Products

Online credit card payments are here! Use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc to pay using Paypal's online service - NO Paypal account required.
My armrest kit also fits the GT6 Mk1 and Mk2 

25 May 06 GT6 Section & extra trim panels  

Web Upgrade & Extra Products

I've added a 'GT6 Mk3' section to clearly show what I already offer for this great car... the best bonnet when viewed from the driver's seat! I've also added B-Pillar & Wheelarch covers for the Spitfire / GT6. 

GT6 Mk3


23 May 06 Show me your 'Park Lane Classics' trim in use!  

Web Upgrade

I've added a 'Links & Gallery' page... email me your suggestions. The listings and colour charts have been enhanced to make the pricing clearer.

Links & Gallery


22 May 06 How to get in touch  

Web Upgrade

I've added a 'Contact Me' page with info on how to order. 'Me & Ebay' gives you some background on Park Lane Classics AND links into my current Ebay auctions... your chance to see more detailed descriptions and save money!
I've also fixed the missing photo's of the kits.

Contact Me

16 May 06 Loads of new stuff!  

Web Upgrade

I've added all my Spitfire trim kits onto the MkIV/1500 pages. I've also added photo's next to each entry so that you can see what you're getting. I've kept the size manageable for non-broadband users but I can email larger photos if you want.



9 May 06 The best page to link to... HERE!  

Web Upgrade

I've added a 'News' section to the website. This is where I will highlight new products and web upgrades. A good page to bookmark so that you can keep up to date. I've also added Triumph GT6 & Materials sections ready for more products...

8 May 06 Spitfire Products Added  

Web Upgrade

I've added 15 more of my existing products to the Spitfire MkIV/1500 page. This covers most of my trim at the moment


WEB LAUNCH finally went live today! This is another big step forward in bringing my high quality, excellent value products to a much wider audience. I hope you enjoy!


Last site update: 19 Apr 08 15:00


Covers Recliner Head'
2 Seats for 360.00
Leather Recliner
2 Seats for 360.00
Non-Recliner Seat Back Foam
50.00 Each
Headrest Kit
40.00 per pair