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Workshop news up to 20th July 2021…
I'm sorry for not doing any work or emails last week. A bout of tonsillitis put me in bed for the whole week. I'm able to do half days in the workshop but I'm still fuzzy headed when it comes to emails and computers, sorry. Luckily I had been pulling ahead on the orders so I have been able to keep my delivery dates unchanged.
Workshop news up to 5th July 2021…
Barry has fitted my foams and webbing to some new Houndstooth covers. His photos are a great resource that might help someone who's a bit stuck so I thought I'd put them all up on here...

The seat backs are particularly good and smooth. The cushion needs 'some settling and fluffing' as Barry put it. This should smooth out the front roll and side profiles. Remember that you never see the seats from this angle when they're in the car. The best part is when you're held snugly while twisting along a country lane... that's a great feeling!

Keep fluffing.

Workshop news up to 31st May 2021…
Here's a lovely Spit in Inca yellow...

Gordon popped by to pick up some foams to make the ride a bit more comfortable. The first sunny day in ages was the perfect opportunity to get out on the road which is really important for older cars. A Spit that sits still is a magnet for gremlins and mice!

Lots of small orders came in this week. I will do my best to post them out between the larger orders.

Keep moving.

Workshop news up to 24th May 2021…
Beautiful seats... that are not black!

Here's Antoine's glorious Spitfire in sunny France (note the Left Hand Drive steering wheel). He thought the Tan vinyl would look good with his dark green bodywork and I think he was absolutely right. He also proves you don't need to match your soft trim with your carpet, which is a common question.

I'm working on fitting instructions for the new 1 piece cushion foams, then I'm going to trial them with some experts. If all goes well they should be here soon.

Ah well, back to cutting cushion foams and trying to get these lead times down a bit.

Stay on the road!

Workshop news up to 29th March 2021…
Don't you just love a good set of before-and-after photos!

Here's what Scott accomplished. He ordered a complete seat kit just before Christmas. I shipped everything out at the beginning of March and he's already trimmed his frames up and fitted them in his Spitty. I don't know if Scott has done this before but the results are impressively tight and smooth.

I had my Covid jab on Monday that wiped me out for a couple of days. Since then I've been working on a foam master so that I can get the cushions moulded.

I really need this to work so that I can get the lead times down. I will keep you updated.

Have fun!


Workshop news up to 1st March 2021…
Spring is here! The 1st March always seems like turning the corner on the old year and heading off to good times ahead.

Remember these seats? I was asked to make some Spit 1500 covers in the style of the Mk1 GT6. Here's what myself and Yvonne have come up with.

We're pretty chuffed with them, despite taking 3 times longer than expected! I love working with coloured vinyls anyway and the Matador red is real quality. They should be even better fitted and hopefully I receive some photos - always a high point in my week.

The courier situation is easing now. I've shipped to Europe and N.America successfully. Customs fees and taxes are an unwanted fact of life but at least they're a bit more efficient now.

Onwards and upwards,

Workshop news up to 19th January 2021…
It looks like ALL deliveries to outside the UK will be charged a customs fee AND local / national taxes.

For example:
Monsieur Paris placed an order for £498.00 (GB Pounds) + £15.00 for shipping to him in France.
I shipped the parcel to Monsieur Paris 2 weeks ago with all the correct paperwork. The courier Chronopost emailed Monsieur Paris and gave him 2 options:
Option 1 - pay 119 Euros to receive your parcel.
Option 2 - pay to have the parcel returned to Park Lane Classics.
Monsieur Paris decided to pay the 119 Euros and received his parcel 2 days later. Here is his receipt.

This all took about 2 weeks to complete! I expect Germany, Denmark etc to be the same. I understand the same process happens to USA deliveries but it takes 3 days from door to door.

Hopefully this makes it clearer and avoids nasty surprises.

Cheers, Owen.

Mini-update 8th Feb
The international courier network is not working well (at all) at the moment. My two main couriers, UPS and DPD/Chronopost, stopped taking parcels to Europe or the USA from Feb 1st. I'm doing my best to find solutions but there is not much I can do until these two huge companies get back on their feet again.

Workshop news up to 12th January 2021…
Happy New Year and all that malarkey.
Most of last week was spent in the office last week sorting out taxes... just about my least favourite job!

European couriers are taking ages at the moment. They stopped altogether during December and only re-opened last week. I've sent two parcels to France and after 7 days, one has made it to a depot in France, the other is still in the UK. I provided the same paperwork for a USA parcel and it arrived 3 days later! I'm sure things will start moving more smoothly soon.

This week I'm back to making things, starting with more covers for Yvonne to sew. Happy days!

Workshop news up to 30th November 2020…
A big wave of bespoke trim orders and enquiries this week. One of them was Ian who sent me some GT6 mk1 seat photos.

He wants me to copy the horizontal flutes onto his later model seats. It's going to take a bit of working out but Yvonne is certainly up to it.

Yvonne's nickname for GT6 mk1 seats are 'Boomerangs' because of the large fixed bolster that runs down the outside of the seat. Apparently "they're a pig to trim up because you have to get them tight and smooth". The sharp eyed will notice a part of the cushion missing in both photos. There should be a padded section screwed to the tunnel cover. This quirky design was improved for the Mk2 which had a one piece cushion, no boomerang and (I'm fairly sure) a recliner mechanism.

Workshop news up to 22nd December 2020…
Here's Paul B's freshly painted Spit shell.

Inca Yellow shouts FUN! and is a fantastic colour for a Spit. I loved putting the black 'Spitfire 1500' lettering on the bonnet as the finishing touch to a restoration. I can smell the paint thinners, body filler dust and cutting paste from here.

Marc is a LOT further on than Paul...

His seats are lovely and are a great example of how vinyl gives a smoother finish than leather when trimmed well. That extra bit of stretch makes all the difference.

In the workshop I've shipped my penultimate box for 2020. There's just one box waiting for Dover to re-open so that it can go to France. All that remains is to tidy up the workshop so that it is nice to come back to in January. Have fun wherever you are and here's to the future.
Cheers, Owen


Workshop news up to 16th November 2020…
Here's a really gorgeous seat...

Mike has done a fantastic job trimming up the coarse grain vinyl covers on new foams. The crease free finish looks more Jaguar or Aston than Triumph.

If you look carefully you will see that this is the Diamond Back seat that I showed on 13th July this year. Mike wanted twin needled diamond quilting instead of the usual roll flutes. Add the handmade, strong red piping and you've got a seat that oozes quality. It's results like this that really put a smile on my face.

In the workshop it's been a very busy couple of 7 day weeks packing in the overtime. I cut a huge batch of cushion foams and have been shipping them out to reduce lead times. All good but I was absolutely shattered by Sunday night!

Workshop news up to 2nd November 2020…
Here's some great photos of Peter's cushions.
He's fitted some new foams to his existing covers with brilliant results. The original Houndstooth is not as easy to work with as modern fabrics. It is easy to over-stretch the fabric while trying to get a smooth finish. I think Peter has got it just right.

I will be making and shipping trim throughout November's lockdown. I've laid up extra stocks of materials so that I can keep my customers happy well into the New Year.

Workshop news up to 26th October 2020…
A productive week! I've created a flute cutting machine to cut the channels in the flute pad foams.

It replaces a machine that cut them using hot wires... effective but very smoky!

The channels support the cover between the sewing and keep the covers looking smart. I actually enjoy sewing the flutes. They look quite complicated to do but they're just a series of straight seams with cover folded over to hide the stitching. They act a bit like a spring for the cover...  allowing the cover to stretch when you sit on it but then springing back into shape when you get off. This avoids the 'butt-print' that forms on flat panel cushions. Clever!

Workshop news up to 19th October 2020…
Here's Jerry's seat, nicely trimmed up in leather.

A really good result for someone that was not at all confident at the start. Jerry has been buying various trim kits over the summer and I can't wait to see what the finished car looks like.

I've added the gear stick gaiter to my website so you can all click on the photo below to buy them them direct now!

Nikolas reminded me last week that it was still on my 'pending' list. I'm glad someone is paying attention!

I've got some time set aside this week for product development which is much needed. I'm working on foams and a better way of making the flute pads. All good fun!

Workshop news up to 12th October 2020…
Here's what my foam delivery looks like now, all cut and ready for gluing.

Postal times are beginning to stretch out, particularly to the USA where it's been taking 2-3 weeks for small postal shipments to arrive. The courier service is less than a week AND you get tracking which is a real comfort. Let me know if you want a quote for your small order to be sent by courier instead of the standard postal service. 
Workshop news up to 5th October 2020…
The first week of cushion foam cutting went well. Foam cutting week number 2 coming up.

While we're talking cushions there's an important point in the fitting instructions that is worth explaining. When trimming covers you must avoid stressing the cover in any one place. The correct method is:

1. Loosely connect all of the cable ties along one edge.

2. Squash the foam down so that the frame and the cover can be lined up with NO TENSION IN THE COVER. It's a great idea to get a helper to sit / kneel / lean on the frame while you position the cover. Some edges are best done with the cushion upside down.

3. Tighten ALL of the cable ties along one edge.
4. Stop squashing the foam and smooth the cover.

This spreads the tension over several fixings and is exactly how the professionals do it. There's a saying that sums it up "Take the frame to the cover, NOT the cover to the frame". 

Workshop news up to 28th September 2020…
Good news, my foam delivery arrived ahead of schedule!

This week I'm cutting my way through all of my first delivery and have another planned for the start of next week.

While we're talking cushions there's an important point in the fitting instructions that is worth explaining. When trimming covers you must avoid stressing the cover in any one place. The correct method is:

1. Loosely connect all of the cable ties along one edge.

2. Squash the foam down so that the frame and the cover can be lined up with NO TENSION IN THE COVER. It's a great idea to get a helper to sit / kneel / lean on the frame while you position the cover. Some edges are best done with the cushion upside down.

3. Tighten ALL of the cable ties along one edge.
4. Stop squashing the foam and smooth the cover.

This spreads the tension over several fixings and is exactly how the professionals do it. There's a saying that sums it up "Take the frame to the cover, NOT the cover to the frame". 

Workshop news up to 21st September 2020…
I'm making a little progress on speeding up foam manufacture. I had hoped to cut some rigid foam masters on my CNC but ended up with a foul, smoky mess!
Plan B using laser scanning has come in at well over £10k! Plan C is showing a bit more promise doing it old-school but with better materials... fingers crossed.

I've been dealing with a hiccup in the delivery of foam from the big suppliers this week. They're putting people in and out of furlough and tripped themselves up. Things should be back to normal during this week but I'm keeping my eye on it. 

Workshop news up to 14th September 2020…
Thanks to Mike for sending me a photo of his new headrests.

These are one of the simplest kits to trim up. The headrest 'can' slips into the new foam, a few staples, 2 screws and you're done!

I occasionally get asked about the slot in the seat back foams. Don't worry, this is meant to be there. On the cover there is a calico 'pull through' panel at the top of the flute pad. During trimming the calico is pulled through the foam and clipped to the frame. This fixes the top of the flute pad and gives the seat its shape.

In the workshop this week I have no fewer than 4 GT6 door panel sets to complete. I will have RSI on my stapler trigger finger by the end!

Workshop news up to 31st August 2020…
Lots of running around this week but everything was completed on time. I've found some time to work on some new developments. If all goes to plan then I should be able to unveil the results in October… fingers crossed!
Workshop news up to 24th August 2020…
Here's a photo from Andy who owns two TR7s and definitely knows his stuff! It's a pleasure working with people who know so much and are so helpful.

He experimented with my Spitfire headrest foams and...
"I can confirm these fit the early, small TR7 headrest and assemble a treat.

The two vehicles I have are a 10 June 1980 Canley built FHC 2.0 and an 11 June Canley built 2.0 DHC, these both fall into the category of All Model Vehicles to VIN 402001 and are easily identified as SMALL.The larger version was fitted to All Model Vehicles from VIN 402001.

General rule of thumb is SMALL are Speke and Canley cars, LARGE are Solihull cars. But no-one could mistake them.

The headrest support on the TR7 is not curved as Spitfire but straight, with the panel tilted slightly forward.

They fitted so easy, I have all three in their covers with the one fully assembled as I type this."


Workshop news up to 17th August 2020…
Back in June I mentioned that the backing foam on old seat back covers should be replaced to get a good finish. Here's a photo showing the panels that I was talking about.

You can see the D shaped top panels, the curved side bolsters and the very long border panels that cover the top and sides of the seats. You also need to add backing foam to the central flute pad / houndstooth pad area. I will add an option to order the backing foam in the near future.

Workshop news up to 27th July 2020…
Here are some photos of my new gearstick gaiter. You simply unscrew your gear knob and slide the gaiter down. The bottom is shaped to match the contours of the transmission tunnel. This one is in black smooth grain vinyl but I can make them in any colour or material to match your bespoke interior. I will add it to my website in the next week or so.

In the workshop this week I've been busy cutting, gluing, packing and shipping foams around the world, especially the USA for some reason. This week will be something similar plus a trip to pick up covers from Yvonne.

Workshop news up to 20th July 2020…
Hello again from sunny Tamworth in the heart of the midlands! This week I've got some lovely photos from John who has finished trimming up his leather seats.

He's done a marvellous job and they really complement his interior. You might notice the 'black on black' Triumph wreath logo on the headrests. It's a nice way to personalise your seat without being too showy. I'm a fan of using gold thread - I grew up cheering Mansell (a local boy) in his John Player Special Lotus in the of the mid eighties.

Workshop news up to 13th July 2020…
Here's something that I'm working on for a customer, twin stitched padded diamond seat pads.

They're a one off at the moment but they might become an option if they look as good in a finished seat cover. Bespoke covers are popular at the moment with several requests last week. Unfortunately all the wholesalers are not allowing visitors at the moment so it's taking longer to do everything by post.

Last week was very productive in the workshop, I got a lot done. Hopefully I can keep it going this week and keep everyone happy.

Workshop news up to 6th July 2020…
Lots of trim panels this week. There were lots of unusual ones too.

First is a Tan Gt6 door panel set, a first for me and very smart. Next is the results of a long and successful day in the workshop. You can see the Beige panels are a light brown compared with the reddish tones of the Tan.

I'm making rear panels today and then cutting out covers for the rest of the week - I've got to keep Yvonne's sewing machine busy!

Workshop news up to 29th June 2020…
A quick hello from the workshop this week - I need to get on with completing orders!

Complete seat sets and full interiors have been the most popular order recently. I completed a cream vinyl set last week that also included a gearstick gaiter. I copied it from an original that I was given back in 2013. I didn't quite have time to take a photo before the customer collected it so I will make another and put it on the site next week.

That's all I've got time for. I'm making some armrests this afternoon then I'm off to Bob to collect the panels I'm trimming up over the rest of the week.

Workshop news up to 22nd June 2020…
Scrim foam backing...

Fitting old covers to new foams can transform your seats for a budget price. There can be one pitfall that you need to be aware of... missing scrim foam. Your seat back covers will have been made with a 1/2" scrim foam backing on the 5 main front panels:
1. Flute panel
2. Left bolster panel
3. Right bolster panel
4. Top panel
5. Border panel that goes over the top of the seat

The foam pads out the cover smoothly, straightening the seams and piping. The scrim (very thin plastic mesh) allows the cover to slide into place more easily.

This foam often perishes on old covers, sometimes leaving the scrim behind. If you don't replace it then you will be missing up to 1" of padding. This will give you a baggy cover with wavy piping. This is especially true for houndstooth covers.

The answer is to replace the missing scrim foam. It's not rocket science so I will work out some instructions and post them on here next week.

A busy old week in the workshop with plenty of rain. My roof has sprung a leak somewhere - I hope your Spitty soft-top is a bit more water tight!

Workshop news up to 15th June 2020…
I've been promising some photos so here we are...

A really great photo of Edward's Spitty in the USA. It looks like a perfect cocktail dress of a car compared to today's oversized padded jackets.

Norbert from the Netherlands shows what great results you can achieve with original covers on new foams. They look good and give much better support than the old bag of crumbs!

We've had our first thunderstorms of the summer this week. Proper hammering it down one minute and baking sunshine the next. Plenty of orders and I'm working overtime to keep the lead times down.

Workshop news up to 8th June 2020…
FINALLY - WE HAVE CUSHION FOAMS… and some rain! I've received my first shipment of foam to make into cushions and have another batch of foam waiting at the factory. You can buy them directly through this website. I've also put the complete seat kits back - pretty much everything you need in one click.
Workshop news up to 2nd June 2020…
The glorious weather continues to shine down and the rain stays somewhere in the Atlantic. Meanwhile the cushion foam factory remains closed which is intensely frustrating for many people who really want to get their seats finished. I've tried using alternative foams but their different formulas bung up my machines. I will post any news that I get as soon as I hear it. I'm off to spend a long day making small orders.
Workshop news up to 19th May 2020…
Back to the warm weather and still no rain for about 3 weeks now. There are hints that the cushion foam factory is starting up soon… I call my supplier every week for an update and  they were hopeful. I won't put them back on the website until I have foam in my hand though.

I've had some great photos through recently but I need to get on with cutting out some covers... I will try to post them next week.
Workshop news up to 4th May 2020…

Guillaume sent me some fantastic photos of his dash top restoration. You can see that he kept as much of the old PVC covering as possible. This is very important as the old PVC is the best surface to glue onto. The kit instructions go into much more detail.

As you can see though, Guillaume has done a fantastic job and I would be pleased to have them in my Spit.

Can you spot 2 mistakes in this photo...?
Mistake 1 - I sent Barry 2 wheel arch covers of the same hand... DOH!
Mistake 2 - Barry trimmed the oversize panels before fitting to the car... not ideal.

I make my wheel arch covers quite a lot larger than the originals. I do this because you need to stretch the covers to get a good fit over the curved surface. The extra vinyl gives you something to hang on to while you're stretching. The excess can be trimmed off when you're finished. We sorted everything out but I thought it was worth sharing .

A cooler week this week and plenty of orders shipped out. It seems that retrimming seats is one of the favourite activities of lock-down! Thankfully the couriers are still operating and are doing a splendid job. If you happen to meet your delivery driver then please give them a big thank you from me. 

Workshop news up to 20th April 2020…
Lots of sunshine again this week and plenty of orders completed. There's been an issue with a foaming plant closing down due to Covid restrictions. This supplies me with the foam blocks that I use to make the base cushions - the bits you sit on. I've let the affected customers know but I'm hoping this is just a short term blip. The seat back foams are NOT affected, I have these moulded by a different company and they're still working. I can't wait for the restrictions to ease and get a bit of open-top wind in my hair. Have fun, Owen.
Workshop news up to 13th April 2020…
Another glorious week of sunshine and warm weather! Going out for the occasional walk but mostly in the workshop. Lots of orders have come in which means that completion dates have pushed out quite far. They're what I would expect to achieve 'in normal circumstances'... which they are not at the moment! I will contact you individually if something happens to change things dramatically. Sourcing materials is getting more tricky, some suppliers have shut down for the duration and others are on a reduced service. I will keep going while it's safe to do so and I'm hoping you're all keeping safe out there.
Workshop news up to 9th March 2020…
Every Spitfire must have its own survival story. If they are still around after 40+ years then they must be something special someone. Here is Caroline's very shiny looking example which is nearing completion. I'm really pleased that I've been able to add to her Spitfire's story and can't wait to see photos of it on the open road.

It's been fun in the workshop this week, making lots of small orders along with some trim panels. One kit was a chestnut brown armrest which is just about the rarest colour choice in my experience. I suppose it lacks the impact of the other colours and misses the standard appeal of black. Ah well, it was fun making the kit, plus another for stock... it pays to be optimistic!

Workshop news up to 2nd March 2020…
Here's some photos of David's stunning Spitfire that show how your interior can be the crowning glory!

My jaw hit the floor when I saw what he had achieved with my covers and panels. The effect of the white vinyl and red piping alongside the red paintwork and white-wall tyres is sublime. David did all the fitting himself which should inspire you if you've never done any trimming before.

Workshop news up to 24th February 2020…
Plenty of orders shipped out this week and plenty more coming in. It went a bit quiet in the lead up to Christmas but it has really picked up again. This is normally a sign that Spring is in the air... well here's hoping!
Workshop news up to 10th February 2020…
I knew I should have kept my mouth shut about the weather. The first snow flurries have whipped through on some impressive gales this week. I have been forging ahead with the orders as well which is great at this time of year.

I've had a couple of questions about how to shape the back of the cushion foams so I thought I would explain here.The aim is to make the foam a little larger than the covers to give the correct amount of padding.

Mark the cut lines on your foam about 10 to 12mm or 3/8 to 1/2 inch bigger than the cover.

Slice the foam vertically with a long knife. The segmented snap-off blade type are perfect for this.

Throw away the two small scrap pieces. It's as simple as that!

I hope this helps.

Cheers, Owen

Workshop news up to 3rd February 2020…

I took a trip out to the Bass Brewing Museum in Burton. They have a great collection of vehicles that were used in the business over many decades. Here's the Beer Bottle Daimler that they were very proud of.

The weather has been quite mild this week which makes a big difference in the workshop. The heating struggles to keep up when there's frost about and gives up when there's snow. In the workshop this week I made some boards in Shadow Blue and I finished off the white set and shipped it over to America. It will look brilliant and will really stand out when the sun shines. I'm getting lots of orders for foams coming through which is great.

Workshop news up to 27th January 2020…
Lots of foams this week, it feels like I've been cutting and gluing non-stop. I have nearly finished a white and red set for a chap in the USA. This is definitely the purest white vinyl that I've used in all my years.
Workshop news up to 20th January 2020…
YAY some more photos! These have come from Derek who has done an absolutely fantastic job of re-trimming his complete interior. He then topped it off with a 3,500 mile trip around France... sounds like a Discovery Channel documentary!

The past week has been pretty healthy. I've completed two full interiors and have one sat next to me now, waiting for the courier. The weather is bright but cold so it's a good time to be trimming up seats in the warm house rather than a draughty garage. 


Workshop news up to 8th January 2020…
Happy New Year to you all!

Markus was kind enough to drop me an email...
"The door panels are perfect and the quality is excellent. With the supplied clips, the installation is very simple and the result you can see in my pictures."

I have to admit that they do look great. The shiny chrome on the fittings really finishes them off nicely.

I had a really good run up to Christmas and got some orders out early. I've had a good run of orders over the shut down as well so there are still plenty of Spitfires out there needing a little tidying up. For the next couple of weeks I'm "sticking to the knitting" as they say in the USA... just getting on with making some really nice seats and plenty of trim panels. Have fun everyone, Owen.


Workshop news up to 9th December 2019…
I've been working on lots of complete bespoke interiors. These take quite a bit of time to plan out, cost up and finally make. I enjoy working with new materials and it makes a change from black!

I'm booked up into the New Year now which is always a bit weird... putting 2020 onto completion dates. Back to work now as I'm really pushing hard so that people can receive their trim before Christmas.


Workshop news up to 28th October 2019…
I've been updating the website and greatly expanding the range of products you can buy through my shop.

I'm most excited by the new 'Sets' where you buy everything for a complete seat retrim in just one click:
   Recliner headrest set
Recliner NON-headrest set
NON-Recliner set
They've been really popular with the first buyer clicking through in less than 24 hours from launch!

I've also added a host of new colours and leather trim items. Lots of work and lots more to do but I'm really happy with the results so far.


Workshop news up to 7th October 2019…
Here's the re-trimmed dash top that Darren finished last week:

You can see how he's prepared the surface, glued the surface carefully and then trimmed off the excess. The result is really smooth and professional. This is a great job for indoors when it is raining. The dash top can be removed completely (click here for instructions)

This is Hielke's eyecatching Spit. Stripes are hard to get right but this Spit is really smart. The narrow outlines on either side of the main stripes work really well. It gives it a Le Mans type of feel somehow. I bet the view from the driver's seat would be pretty cool.

In the workshop this week I have been sending out trim as soon as the order comes in. I love being able to send items out so quickly, it means that you can get on with your Triumph without delay.

Workshop news up to 30th September 2019…
In the workshop this week I am finally building up my stock of finished parts. I have vinyl and leather seat covers ready for shipping. I will be adding some foams over the coming week so that I can send your order out without delay.
Workshop news up to 23rd September 2019…
In the workshop things are coming together now. Improvements that I made over the summer mean that I can complete your orders more smoothly. This is good news because the build up towards Christmas starts now! Last year the cut-off for pre-Christmas delivery was reached in November. Please don't miss out by leaving it too late to book.
Workshop news up to 16 September 2019…
Here's what you can achieve with new seat foams in a set of houndstooth covers.

Dave bought the seat foams, armrest and door boards from me. I like the way the foams bring shape back to the seats. As far as the trimming goes I would be happy to turn up at a show in Dave's Spitty... just so long as nobody asked me what the dash binacle does!

Here's a welcome return of Dave P's pretty GT6 (see News 27 May 2019). The interior really does justice to the outside now. The new seat covers and foams look smooth and tight. I also love the painted door cappings. It brings a highlight into what can be a very black on black interior.

It has been a really productive week in the workshop this week. I've just shipped an interior that was needed quickly ready for a car show in the USA. This was on top of the planned orders so everyone is happy.
Workshop news up to 9 September 2019…
Tuesday was a really lovely day and I found a real gem of a car museum. I was in Bourton on the Water on business so I thought I would pop in to the Cotswold Motoring Museum.

It felt like I was exploring a series of workshops while the mechanics were on their lunch. No ropes, no glass panels, just lots of fascinating treasures and the glorious aroma of old cars. The atmosphere brought the cars and their era to life. I can honestly say that it knocked the spots off Monaco!

In the workshop this week I completed the rest of the bespoke beige set.

I really can't wait to see what everything looks like in the car. Elsewhere, the mould for the new foam was being made this weekend... I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas on this one! The past couple of prototypes did not fit well enough but I'm really confident this time.

Workshop news up to 2 September 2019…
In the workshop this week I'm particularly pleased with a bespoke set of door boards that I made.

They're part of a beige vinyl interior with bright red trimmings. This is only the second time that I've ever been asked for this colour combination. The results are much better than I expected. Hopefully I will get some photos back of them once fitted.
Workshop news up to 26 August 2019…
Here's a photo sent in by Chris.

After a shaky start and a few emails I think the final result is good. A quick ride-and-drive evaluation should confirm that everything is coming together nicely. I can't wait to see the rest of his interior.

In the workshop this week has been pretty calm. I've even sent out some small orders pretty much as soon as they came in! I've also spent the evenings working on a new plug for a foam mould. This foam has been 'in development' for at least 2 years so I'm pretty pleased. A couple of weeks for the mould to be made and then I can get my hands on the first-off foam to see if they work. fingers crossed.
Workshop news up to 19 August 2019…
A bit of variety inside the workshop this week. Martin popped round with some GT6+ seats that he wants re-trimming. These were the first high back seats that I've seen in the flesh. They're from an Arizona car that he's just bought and they were well baked! This is going to be a long term project but I've given my word that I will do them so no backing out now.
Workshop news up to 12 August 2019…
Here are some lovely seats with white contrast piping...

David Aspinall trimmed them up for one of his clients. He is my longest standing customer so he knows his way around a set of Spitfire seats. If you look at the headrests you will notice that they have piping. I do this on all seats with contrast piping as it finishes them off nicely. The matching armrest makes a big difference too.
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Inside the workshop has been good this week. I'm pretty much a week ahead of schedule at the moment. This has given me the time to stay on top of the smaller orders. I have been doing really well on these and been sending them out within a couple of days. The coming week is full of trim panels - 3 complete sets. A nice change from covers and foams.

Workshop news up to 7 August 2019…
Inside the workshop is busy. I've spent half the past week cutting out foams and the other half cutting out covers. Not the sort of variety that I enjoy but it does give me lots to ship out. Over the weekend I planned how to re-arrange the workshop to give me more space around the press. A lot of work but I can break it down into stages. The result should be some increased capacity and more scope for larger parts.
Workshop news up to 30th July 2019…
My favourites from the Royal car collection museum in Monaco.

The seats and interior of the Fiat were brilliant. There was nothing like it in the museum but I saw a mint example parked on the street earlier, pure joy! The poise and elegance of the Citroen were stunning. It was like a flowing gown amongst a room of denim. Finally a photo of my favourite Ferrari... there were three crushed up in the foyer. Made my day!

Inside the workshop… is a tip! I pushed through a big rush job before I left on holiday. I just left everything to tidy up my first day back. I ended up doing a detour to the UPS depot on our way to the airport! It's looking a bit better now and I've answered the emails that came in while I was away which is excellent for me.

Workshop news up to 15 July 2019…
Here's Andy's GT6 just back from the paint shop...

The sun was out and Andy is local so I thought I would drop his order off in person. I'm glad I did because his car is wonderful... and he's had it since new! You can see the original ribbed cloth seats and a smart engine bay. Every car has a story and I really enjoyed hearing the ups and downs of this one.

Inside the workshop, I'm recovering from shipping ALL of July's orders AND completing a major rush job. When we re-open from our summer shutdown I've put aside a day just to tidy up! I'm still up to date on small orders, sending some out today that came in over the weekend… very good for me!


Workshop news up to 1 July 2019…
This is what a professional trimmer can achieve with new covers and foams on non-recline frames...

I have mentioned Yvonne to many of you over the years. She's a skilled trimmer as well as doing most of my sewing. I particularly love the sculpting of the cushion where the flute pad, side bolster and front roll meet - gorgeous!

Inside the workshop, lots of orders completed this week. I finished all of the small orders just in time for some new orders to come in. I'm planning a push over the next couple of weeks to get the July orders out early.


Workshop news up to 24th June 2019…
I'm leaving last week's photos up for another week. My email was playing up so I couldn't let Benoit and Alex know that they were famous...

Two LEFT HAND DRIVE interiors for you to envy this week!
The first is from Benoit whose new leather seats look sumptuous.

The second interior is a work-in-progress update from Alex "I then took a position in the new seat after first sitting in the existing (original) driver's seat for comparison... what a difference!! The comfort and support are extraordinary, Owen!"

Alex opted for black covers with yellow piping - a combination that many people ask about.

I really respect everyone that takes the time and commitment to keep a Spit or GT6 on the road. It feels great to see such beautiful cars and I take my hat off to you!

In the workshop I've cut extra covers so that I can get ahead on orders. I'm getting some more storage as well so that I can hold stock. I've listened to some customers who find selecting from all of the options a bit daunting. I'm in the process of adding a 'one-click-kit' for seats. This will add the covers, foams, clips etc automatically. There's a bit more to do before it goes live but I'm hoping to finish it this week.


Workshop news up to 10th June 2019…
I've been guiding a customer through fitting the foam to his cushion basket. This photo sums it up.

As you can see, the slot in the 'topper' foam is for the front wire of the cushion basket. There is also a gap between the slot and the start of the sloping foam. This gap allows the second front wire to sit correctly on the foam. This spacing is created when you fit the topper to the pen lines on the base foam - steps 3 & 4 in your instructions.

I'm getting ahead of schedule! Lots of overtime but well worth it. Developments galore, best of which is working with Yvonne to increase our sewing capacity, the early results are looking good.

Claas says that Germany is having a heatwave - perfect for some top down motoring through the Black Forest!


Workshop news up to 3rd June 2019…

Jezail's seat transformation photo's are brilliant. "They're beautiful! The shadow blue piping looks great with my spit. We didn't really have any issues putting them together, it was fairly simple." I love your new seats and am seriously jealous of your garage. Looking at the old crumbly foam makes my skin itch!

I was in Coventry this week so I dropped in to see a couple of trimmer friends. Ted (left) is 81 and Pete (right) is in his 70's. I worked with them developing the first Jaguar XK8 seats. Seriously skilful trimmers who can transform anything on wheels!


Workshop news up to 27th May 2019…
Here's a good photo from Dieter.

His new leather covers arrived mid April and he's already fitted them! "my work may be not 100% perfect, but I’m very happy with the result!" I think Dieter is being too modest. New foams would have filled out the cushions better but the complete car still looks fantastic.

Here's my own GT6 sat outside my workshop... in my dreams! This delight belongs to Dave in Utah and it sits very nicely. No sign of a sagging rear end for this pretty car.

In the workshop it has been a very solid week with lots of overtime just to keep up. I've planned some development time for the coming week - fingers crossed.


Workshop news up to 20th May 2019…
More customer photos, this time from Richard in the USA. He's fitted leather covers with new foams and I think the results are wonderful.

Richard says 'The firmer foam is far more comfortable, as the driver (me) and any passenger no longer sink into the seat squabs, and the seat backs provide greater support.' New foams restore that great sporty feel to a Spitfire that is missing on soft & crumbly old seats.

In the workshop I had a brilliant day on Friday... I finished ALL of the small orders and got them posted. As a side project I'm investing to remove plastic from my packaging. 


Workshop news up to 13th May 2019…
Here is a photo from Bjoern who has added an armrest to the seats that he trimmed up a few years ago. The results are lovely and look so much better in the car.

Back in the workshop I think these tan covers look great... and they're only propped up on my workbench. I can only hope that I get to see them trimmed up! The best news is that they are a standard item at £210 before discount and £189 after discount. I will be adding them to my website but you can always email me if you can't wait!

Several big orders sent out last week, glad to send them off safely and on time. I'm making foams this week and shipping out some smaller kits… get back to quick fire orders. 


Workshop news up to 6th May 2019…
The first set of tan covers went out this week. They look very smart and much better than as vinyl on the roll. The sculpting of the flute pads really shows up well in the lighter colour. I also like the shiny headrest bezel up against the padded top panel, scrummy! I have also made the door panels to finish off the trim panel set. The black carpet and weld lines are very distinctive after years of only seeing black on black. I can see a lot of options needing to be added to the website - new colours, basketweave fluting, contrast piping... I'd better stop waffling and get on with it then!
Workshop news up to 29th April 2019…
Good news... I've added the seat back webbing strips to my website YAY!
Triumph Spitfire IV 1500 GT6 Mk3 - Seat back webbing - Recliner
Triumph Spitfire IV 1500 GT6 Mk3 - Seat back webbing - Non-Recliner
I've been meaning to do this for SO long and I've already received orders for them. This is one of the magical things about the internet. I create something in my workshop in the middle of England then post it on my website. While I'm asleep a Spit or GT6 enthusiast goes ahead and buys my new product - what a GREAT gift to wake up to! Today is a good day for me, thank you all.

Friday afternoon was fun as well because I made some tan vinyl trim panels. The vinyl is coarse grain and I'm making some seat covers this week as well. Here's a few of photos to show you how good they've turned out...


Workshop news up to 23rd April 2019…
"Somone's been busy!" was the assessment of the lady at the Post Office… I sent out lots of small orders last week. I'm now waiting on some more peel rivets - the seat stiffener boards have been flying out of the workshop. I've had quite a few emails about leather colours other than black. The best way is to get samples of automotive leather colour that you like sent to you from suppliers on the internet. You could try Martrim, Danilo Lucchi or Boyriven. When you've made your choice we can work together to get your interior made. There's a lot of extra work planning and cutting a set of seats from a single hide so as a rule of thumb I suggest you cost up your seats in black leather then add the cost of at least 5 square metres of your chosen hide = 1 very large hide or 2 normal hides.
Workshop news up to 15th April 2019…
Smooooth!!! Payback for all the hard work put in earlier for no visible reward. The orders flew out this past week and I even managed some emails. I'm cutting out some beige and tan interiors this week ready for sewing. This will please my sewing machinists who get a bit bored of black. I will be going through the small orders and sending out what I can as well. The weather is sunny but colder - the woolly hat came out again which is not good.


Workshop news up to 8th April 2019…
Well that was an awkward week. I was held up by my back foams not being completed on time. This meant juggling several half-finished orders in the workshop. Thankfully I've picked them up this morning and have started to ship orders. Thankfully I still managed to meet all of the scheduled completion dates. This coming week I want to get my head down and get some orders out smoothly.


Workshop news up to 1st April 2019…
I'm most pleased about sending out several small orders at the end of last week. I managed to get ahead of the production plan enough to post the small kits out. The weather cheered up a bit which was good and as a bonus we're now in British Summer Time - feel the love!

I have also had some more photos of interiors. A few weeks ago I put up a photo of a leather set with green piping... here it is already fitted! I especially like the armrest in matching leather & piping.

There's also an update on a coarse grain vinyl set with royal blue plastic piping. The seat back straps have been replaced with my kit and the covers are looking lovely. Spitfire seats really are great for novice trimmers.


Workshop news up to 25th March 2019…
Lots of orders sent out, all on time or early YAY! Lots of emails about contrast piping and coloured interiors. I have started to design a piping page but it is not ready to go live just yet. I have also sorted through my stock of piping vinyls. There were 4 cream vinyls that were almost identical... all for the same customer a few years back. They looked different on the roll but tend to look the same when sewn into piping. Motto - don't stress the small stuff!
Workshop news up to 18th March 2019…
Not long since the last update but plenty of work done. I've been working out prices for coloured vinyls and pipings. I plan to spend some time adding them to my website so that you can all benefit rather than having to resort to emails. I've left up the white and carmine piping covers from last week.

Here are some new photos from the Netherlands. A fine set of photos of a fine set of seats!

Workshop news up to 14th March 2019…
Good and bad this week. Good - I sent out all of the small orders and lots more orders have come in. Bad - I've spent days in the office replying to emails and planning orders. I'm off to the workshop now to complete the orders that I have scheduled for this week. Hopefully I can avoid having to work all weekend. 

I nearly forgot! Here are another couple of contrast piping seats. The classic white piping and the very smart carmine piping. Judging from the interest, these won't be the last!

Workshop news up to 4th March 2019…
How about this for a teaser photo from a customer... I can't wait to see the full set finished! The basketweave option is not on the website yet - email me to order it for an extra £25 in black only. It was used in the GT6 and also in the Stag. I also had a photo of a smart looking smooth grain armrest - a great kit to start on. I've been sending orders out steadily and this coming week I'm going to push out the small orders.
Workshop news up to 25th February 2019…
PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you know that you will be away  before your scheduled completion date. I want to ship orders when it is convenient to you... I'm happy to hold onto your completed trim. I put a LOT of hours in this past week. I'm now bang on track to my production schedule. One good looking set was black leather with dark green handmade piping. I had the vinyl for the piping in stock so it only added £35 to the covers. I think that the effect is well worth the extra. I've got a couple of other contrast piping jobs ready for sewing so I need to remember to take photographs for you...

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Covers Recliner Head'
2 Seats for £360.00
Leather Recliner
2 Seats for £360.00
Non-Recliner Seat Back Foam
£50.00 Each
Headrest Kit
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