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Re-trimming a Triumph Spitfire or GT6 Tunnel Cover

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Trimming is Simple...
with the right instructions!

(copyright O. Lloyd 2006)

A smart interior is important for any classic car to look good. For a classic convertible it is absolutely essential. As soon as you flip the soft top, your car’s interior takes centre stage. You can chrome every component under the bonnet but it will be wasted if your seats, dash and armrest have gaping splits. All those weeks getting the panel gaps perfect will be ruined if your door boards are warped and crumbling.

The good news is that retrimming your classic car interior is well within the capabilities of the average owner. It’s easy for me to say that… I’ve been trimming for well over a decade so I have a bit of a head start. 

I want to prove to you how simple trimming can be if you have the right instructions.

Here is a copy of the instructions from my Triumph Spitfire & GT6 tunnel recovering kit. I sell these on ebay and through my website:

I chose the tunnel cover because it is an ideal starter piece for a novice trimmer:
·        the shape is fairly basic
        it introduces widely used trimming methods
        my kit costs next to nothing!

Have a read, have a look at my website and then have a go yourself… it’s simple!




Some trimming pointers…
1. Keep warm - vinyl will stretch, foam will compress and glue will stick much better.
2. Patience - you don't have to rush trim so take the time to get it "just right" and you will be rewarded every time you sit in your car.
3. Tension - this is the key to a professional finish. A tight cover compresses the foam which prevents wrinkles.
4. You're NOT alone - if the instructions are not clear or things are just not working out don't hesitate to contact me! 
Cheers, Owen.
1. In the kit:
1. Scrim foam
2. Cover panel
Note - Impact adhesive is best for this trim e.g. Evostik or Timebond.
2. Remove the tunnel cover from the car. Remove all vinyl, foam and old glue from the metal frame. Place the foam panel with the 'scrim' gauze face down. Position the frame centrally on the foam with the two legs towards the narrow end of the panel.
3. Glue the foam to the frame and trim flush with the edge of the frame. Note - If the foam panel appears too narrow to cover the legs then bend them inwards slightly (it is easy to distort the frame when removing it from the car)
4. Place the cover panel with the vinyl face down. Position the frame centrally on the panel with the two legs towards the narrow end of the panel. Starting from the middle of the frame, stretch the cover over the edge and glue it to the back face of the frame. Glue both long edges in this manner followed by the end piece. This is just the first fix so don't cut any of the cover yet - wait until step 6.
5. Turn the tunnel the right way up to check that that cover is reasonably flat and straight on the frame. Turn the tunnel upside down again and cut a Y shape in the cover between the two legs. Stretch the middle flap over the edge of the frame and glue in place. Repeat for the other two flaps.
6. Turn the tunnel the right way up to check for any creases or bagginess, adjusting the tension of the cover where necessary. Once the cover is smooth turn the tunnel upside down again to glue the ends of the legs. To get a smooth finish around the larger curves cut two V notches above and below. Stretch and glue the middle flap first then the sides.
7. Your tunnel is now retrimmed. Any excess adhesive on the cover should be left to dry and then rubbed off with a finger. Impact adhesive takes 24 hours to achieve full strength so it is best to wait until the next day before refitting the tunnel to the vehicle.
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Tunnel Cover  Retrim Kit
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