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Production Schedule

It's nice to know when to expect your trim, whether you're still stripping and welding or you're on the final straight. I want to keep you informed of when your trim is due to be shipped.

November through to the end of June is normally very busy, while July, August and September are a little quieter... too busy driving your Spitty or GT6 I hope!

If you have a particular deadline to meet then please let me know. I will do my best to help while still being fair to everyone else.

Completion dates at the top of this list are more definite  than those further down the list.  If ever you want to cancel your order then just let me know and I will send you an immediate refund.

Workshop news up to 16 September 2019
Here's what you can achieve with new seat foams in a set of houndstooth covers.

Dave bought the seat foams, armrest and door boards from me. I like the way the foams bring shape back to the seats. As far as the trimming goes I would be happy to turn up at a show in Dave's Spitty... just so long as nobody asked me what the dash binacle does!

Here's a welcome return of Dave P's pretty GT6 (see News 27 May 2019). The interior really does justice to the outside now. The new seat covers and foams look smooth and tight. I also love the painted door cappings. It brings a highlight into what can be a very black on black interior.

It has been a really productive week in the workshop this week. I've just shipped an interior that was needed quickly ready for a car show in the USA. This was on top of the planned orders so everyone is happy.
Production schedule updated on 16th September 2019
Shipping before 21 September
6033 - Schroeder - shipped
6035 - Morando - shipped
6037 - Robertson
6043 - Coleman
6045 - Chequer - shipped
Shipping before 28 September
6050 - Ahlstrom
6048 - Geier
6049 - Jones G
Shipping before 5 October
6053 - Huet
6055 - Groves
6057 - Witter - shipped
6058 - Eaton
6051 - Kelly - Customer requested delay
I fit small orders in-between the bigger shipments. 
Recently I have been sending these out within a week.
6059 - Weigmann
6060 - Crook - shipped
6061 - Cox - shipped
6062 - Lovell - shipped