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Production Schedule

It's nice to know when to expect your trim, whether you're still stripping and welding or you're on the final straight. I want to keep you informed of when your trim is due to be shipped.

November through to the end of June is normally very busy, while July, August and September are a little quieter... too busy driving your Spitty or GT6 I hope!

If you have a particular deadline to meet then please let me know. I will do my best to help while still being fair to everyone else.

Completion dates at the top of this list are more definite  than those further down the list.  If ever you want to cancel your order then just let me know and I will send you an immediate refund.

Workshop news up to 31st May 2021
Here's a lovely Spit in Inca yellow...

Gordon popped by to pick up some foams to make the ride a bit more comfortable. The first sunny day in ages was the perfect opportunity to get out on the road which is really important for older cars. A Spit that sits still is a magnet for gremlins and mice!

Lots of small orders came in this week. I will do my best to post them out between the larger orders.

Keep moving.

Production schedule updated on 21st June 2021
Anything that needs time to make including 
all seat covers, cushion foams, non-recline seat back 
foams and trim panels.
Shipping before 19th June
6591 Guthrie - Shipped
6594 Best - shipped
6595 Bayliss - shipped
Shipping before 26th June
6592 Riley - awaiting customer info
6599 Bews
6600 Keys
6606 Barry - shipped
6662 Mevel - ready for collection
Shipping before 3rd July
6615 Barker
6616 Watson
6618 Trownson
6621 Hautz
6646 Turner
Shipping before 10th July
6624 Screwvalla
6628 Cross
Shipping before 24th July
6629 Hudson
6337 Wright
6632 Lacy
6633 Charles
Shipping before 31st July
6637 Mould
6643 Carr
Shipping before 7th August
6648 Lindstrom
6649 Mount
6651 Farrow
Shipping before 14th August
6656 Stanesby
6652 Bennett
Shipping before 21st August
6657 Hawkins
6558 Kretzschman
6659 Fristensky
Shipping before 28th August
6671 Woodhouse
6663 D Smith
6664 Griffin
6684 Oates
6686 May
Shipping before 17th September
6687 Rixon
6690 Edgington
6692 Reynolds
Stock items or things made in batches including
recliner seat back foams, headrest foams, armrests,
other small kits, fixing clips, vinyl from the roll.
I fit small orders in-between the bigger shipments and
usually ship these within 10 days.
6682 Nash - shipped
6683 Macfarlane - shipped
6685 Bachovas - shipped
6688 Abbas
6689 Mahieu
6691 Cox