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Production Schedule

It's nice to know when to expect your trim, whether you're still stripping and welding or you're on the final straight. I want to keep you informed of when your trim is due to be shipped.

November through to the end of June is normally very busy, while July, August and September are a little quieter... too busy driving your Spitty or GT6 I hope!

If you have a particular deadline to meet then please let me know. I will do my best to help while still being fair to everyone else.

Completion dates at the top of this list are more definite  than those further down the list.  If ever you want to cancel your order then just let me know and I will send you an immediate refund.

Workshop news up to 14th March 2019

Not long since the last update but plenty of work done. I've been working out prices for coloured vinyls and pipings. I plan to spend some time adding them to my website so that you can all benefit rather than having to resort to emails. I've left up the white and carmine piping covers from last week.

Here are some new photos from the Netherlands. A fine set of photos of a fine set of seats!

Here is the list updated on 18th March 2019
Shipping before 16 March
5864 - Cigrane - shipped
5866 - Destrumelle - shipped
5870 - Da Mota Pais - shipped
5882 - Aspinall - shipped
Shipping before 23 March
5863 - Senior - new date
5871 - J Lock
5876 - Redmayne
5877 - W Stock
Shipping before 30 March
5878 - Symons
5885 - Peter
5887 - Cherrier
5888 - Janssen
Shipping before 6 April
5892 - Dallaire
5893 - Clark
5894 - Gibson
5895 - Sheeran
Shipping before 13 April
5896 - Jarviluoma
5897 - Partridge
Shipping before 20 April
5898 - Lewis
5904 - Winter
5899 - Marriott
5907 - Mevel
5900 - Tipping
Shipping before 27 April
5905 - James
5906 - Turner
5912 - Thomas
5913 - Withers
Shipping before 4 May
5908 - Hoonte (to be confirmed)
Shipping before 11 May
5909 - McElreath (to be confirmed)
5910 - Green (to be confirmed)
I fit small orders in-between the bigger shipments. 
I normally aim for 3 weeks lead time on these.
5901 - Clark
5902 - Weller
5903 - Stricklen
5911 - Mackay