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Production Schedule

It's nice to know when to expect your trim, whether you're still stripping and welding or you're on the final straight. I want to keep you informed of when your trim is due to be shipped.

November through to the end of June is normally very busy, while July, August and September are a little quieter... too busy driving your Spitty or GT6 I hope!

If you have a particular deadline to meet then please let me know. I will do my best to help while still being fair to everyone else.

Completion dates at the top of this list are more definite  than those further down the list.  If ever you want to cancel your order then just let me know and I will send you an immediate refund.

Workshop news up to 26th November 2018
It's gone colder here in the UK. It reminds me of last winter when I moaned about it snowing and a USA customer emailed saying "It's snowing here too... we're due another 2 feet overnight" THAT'S weather! All orders shipped on time this week and completed a small order that was hanging around so pretty pleased overall.

Here is the list updated on 26th November 2018

Shipping before 24 November
5783 - Griffiths - shipped
5785 - Bump - shipped

Shipping before 1 December
5786 - Parker
5789 - Talbot

Shipping before 8 December
5793 - Moller
5794 - Morland
5795 - Pillon
5797 - Couchman
5798 - Freisesleben

Shipping before 15 December
5801 - Exiga
5804 - Paul
5803 - Crutze

Shipping before 22 December
5806 - Stephens
5807 - Pate
5814 - Le Bris
5809 - Bommaert
5811 - Lueke
5812 - Courtnage
5824 - Lamarche

Shipping before 12 January
5815 - Schlenger-Evers
5816 - Mann
5818 - Arndt
5819 - Olthof

Shipping before 19 January
5820 - Cooke
5821 - Krueger

Shipping before 26 January
5822 - Sotheray
5823 - Wieckowski

Shipping before 2 February
5825 - Bates
5827 - Hourihane

I fit small orders in-between the bigger shipments.
I normally aim for 3 weeks lead time on these.

5810 - Sturdy - shipped
5817 - Spong
5826 - Lock